In last days I had a chance to test industrial grade SSD from Maximus Technology called simply Maximus Industrial SSD. Our review sample has 128GB capacity what isn’t much for desktop computers but in business it’s usually more than enough. Especially terminals and production computers don’t really need more than 128GB. Maximus_pht5 I guess that all are interested how is performing mentioned SSD drive and what’s the difference between desktop and industrial grade drives but before that I will tell you some more about specifications and features of Maximus product.

Specifications and Features

Maximus_spec1 In the table you can see about all you need to know about specifications and features of Maximus Industrial SSD and I think it doesn’t require additional explanation. Below you can additionally see how AIDA64 sees features of the SSD. Maximus_128GB_ssd_speca I have received tested SSD in an OEM package which is simply an antistatic bag. It’s typical package for business storage products. SSD itself is pretty simple and doesn’t look any special. It doesn’t really have to look good. It has to be stable and durable in during long work. We can see that there are no moving parts or useless elements that could cause any issues. Enclosure is well sealed so we can be sure there won’t be any dust or anything else inside the SSD even if we use it in production environment. Since I have to return this SSD after tests and I can’t remove warranty sticker then I won’t able to check what components are inside. Enjoy our small gallery!  


Performance has been tested on an ASUS GL552VW laptop based on i5 6300HQ processor and 16GB DDR4-2133 RAM. All tests were performed on Win10 Pro x64 OS. As we see, performance in generally good. Even though tested SSD is 128GB then we can see up to 546MBs read and 251MB/s write bandwidth. Usually lower capacity SSD have also lower performance and write bandwidth isn’t really high but more than enough for industrial grade computers for which Maximus SSD was designed.   Maximus_128GB_ssd_atto Because of smaller cell size than in popular desktop SSD, random bandwidth results at 1GiB test files are slightly better than in other tests. This SSD is optimized to work with smaller files so it’s actually good. At the same time sequential bandwidth is high in all tests.   Maximus_128GB_ssd_cdm In Anvil’s benchmark we can see a bit lower results in sequential bandwidth but good in random operations. In all benchmarks results are quite good but they’re not as high as we used to see in new desktop SSD. I don’t think it will matter in this case as Maximus SSD is designed for other computers where stability counts more than couple of percent higher write or read bandwidth.   Maximus_128GB_ssd_anvil


I think that tested in this review Maximus 128GB SSD is quite good option for industrial computers. No mechanical parts and good access time let to work longer and faster. SSD has implemented all popular safety features and during our tests was perfectly stable. I also had no issues with installation or compatibility. I’m aware that this review is not dedicated to gamers or any users who are using computer for widely known digital entertainment but is quite interesting if you wish to compare performance of your home storage to the industrial grade SSD. I can recommend Maximus Technology SSD to all who care about stability in industrial environment or are building computers for terminals.   At the end I wish to thank Konsorcjum FEN which let me to test Maximus 128GB Industrial SSD

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