Today I have a mod of the Streacom DA2-V2 chassis. The whole idea started because I wanted to improve the airflow and, at the same time, install a graphics card in a standard position. After various tests, I noticed that the vertical position causes a graphics card and a CPU to heat up more.

Additional modifications include mainly holes on top, a full paint job with a crackle effect (black with a blue base).

The PC setup looks like this:

  • Intel i7-11700K ES / all cores, full speed with turbo boost up to 5GHz+
  • MSI Z590I Unify, it’s simply the best ITX motherboard for memory overclocking
  • G.Skill TridentZ Royal 2x16GB DDR4-4400 17-18-18 1.5V, the highest binned dual-rank Samsung B kit
  • Powercolor Red Devil RX6800XT 16GB
  • Corsair SP600 600W 80+ Platinum PSU with a blue cable set, this PSU handles 700W+ without issues and runs in a passive mode for most of the time with the listed PC setup
  • EK watercooling components, slim 240mm radiator, Classic series CPU block, Quantum Kinetic FLT pump/res
  • Noctua 120mm and 92mm fans, because they’re the best fans on the market and I needed slim fans for this build
  • Streacom DA2-V2 black PC case, modded as you can see on the photos

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